Risks From Obesity

Excessive weight can reduce canine life expectancy by 2 years!

Its not only carrying around that extra weight… the excess fat can secretes inflammatory hormones and creates oxidative stress on the body’s tissue, both of which contribute to many diseases.

Obese dogs are also at risk for cancer, diabetes, urinary bladder stones, osteoarthritis, damage to joints, bones and ligiments, heart disease, decreased liver function, heat intollerance… The list goes on and on. So DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT- SIGN UP TODAY.

Causes Of Pet Obesity

Most obesity is caused by overeating and too little exercise. Always a winning combination.

However, in older dogs this can also stem from a decrease in a dogs normal ability to exercise.

Additionally, unhealthy eating habits, such as high-calorie foods, an alternating diet, and frequent treats can also bring on this condition.

Other common causes include; Hypothyroidism, Insulinoma, Hyperadrenocorticism and Neutering

See how your dog is doing with this BODY CONDITION GUIDE and find the IDEAL WEIGHT RANGE for your breed.